How do I add a Recipe/Meal?
New meals can be added from the top menu, Just make sure you have a nice large JPG image to upload after you add them.

How do I apply for an API key?
If you are a developer, then you can use the test api key of '1' to get started.
Once you have written your app you can apply for a production API key via email or on the Kodi forums. API keys usually take 24hrs.

How do I upload an image?
Just click the red upload image button and upload a picture that is square dimensions. We recomend 700x700 size.

Are there any limits on the API?
No limits, the API is unlimited usage and free forever for open-source projects

I'm have a commercial app, can I use the database?
Yes! But we expect a yearly donation relative to your product sales (link on the front page). This keeps our servers going.